Been a while since my last post.

This one deals with exactly what the title says. How do you get ripped quick?

Well, that depends on your definition of “ripped.” Maybe your “ripped” is my “shredded,” or my “ripped” is your “cut.” We’ll deal with that later.

Something a lot of people overlook is diet. In fact, I’d say that diet is about half of the equation to having a good body, getting ripped, being healthy, et cetera. What many people will tout as a “good diet” is not something well suited to a lot of muscle mass. Lots of people will tell you, “oh yeah I’ve been eating a lot of Clif bars lately, dude,” or “man, you should get, like, more complex carbs and stuff.” These people have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.

“What do I do then?”

Well, the best solution that I’ve found is Paleo. What is Paleo? It’s eating only what your ancestors would have eaten. It is, in many respects, similar to a gluten-free diet in the sense that you do not eat grains. Crazy, in this world of HFCS that we live in, but if you have the money or the perseverance to go through with the diet, you will see immediate and lasting changes in both your physical condition and your energy levels (even mood, to some degree).

The guidelines for Paleo are these:
– Don’t eat things that your hunter-gatherer ancestors wouldn’t have eaten (chocolate, ice cream, sorbet, Snickers, HFCS, etc.)

Pretty simple. But what is implied in this singular principle is what is important. The science behind the eat-like-your-hunter-gatherer-ancestors idea is solid. Science has arrived at something called the Glycemic Index. The GI of a food is simply how quickly it makes your blood sugar rise after you eat it. Why is this important? Well, that deserves its own paragraph

When sugar enters your system, your pancreas secretes insulin, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar, increasing anabolic functions of the body, and causing fat deposition. Insulin is released based on the demands of the body at that moment, as a safeguard against potentially neurotoxic hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). When you eat things that have a high glycemic index and eat a lot of it, your body has to secrete insulin to maintain a homeostatic balance in your blood and prevent you from damaging your body. All the sugar that would have made your nerves die off (as they do in diabetes) is now going straight into storage – fat. Insulin is the key factor in all of this, and it’s not the villain. Sugar is. Equally important is the fact that people tell you, “don’t eat fat, it makes you fat. ESPECIALLY SATURATED FAT.” Not true. Fat, unless it’s coupled with an insulinotropic food (causes insulin release), won’t be deposited into your adipose tissue to the same degree that sugar is. Your body, especially if you’re a male, NEEDS saturated fat. Low sat. fat causes low testosterone. I’m guessing you wouldn’t enjoy that.

Now, when I’m doing Paleo, I simply don’t have the time to do all the meal prep. So I get as close as possible. Cheese is okay, chicken tenders aren’t bad, and beef jerky is God. I’ll post a link to an awesome Paleo recipe website at the end.

Another diet tip: meal timing. A popular trend lately is people telling you to snack all through the day. “Five meals a day, to keep your metabolism boosted up,” they will say. Resist the urge to listen to them. They are unenlightened.

What to do? Intermittent Fasting. IF, like its brother Paleo (which, when coupled together are the best cutting method i’ve found) is loosely based upon what we assume our hunter gatherer ancestors did. While on the prowl, you don’t eat until you capture and kill something or you find it. IF 16/8 is the method I use, and I’m happy with it. Fast for 16 hours of the day and feast for 8. During a feast, you eat all of the calories that you were going to eat over the course of the day in that set amount of time. The science behind this again deals with insulin. When you eat five times over the course of the day, you’re experiencing five separate insulin spikes over the course of the day, keeping you anabolic (fat-depositing) almost the full day. During IF, you sleep then wake, and for however long you’re awake until your feast, you’re catabolic (fat-consuming). Ideally, you have your day’s workout just before your feast’s start so that you finish your lift (or whatever) and immediately start the anabolism that will help you rebuild (on paleo, you’re getting some awesome red meats and fats to help rebuild, too).

Now that we’re done with diet, on to training.

During my cut, I switched to a split (upper-lowerbody, alternating, ABxABxA), and have seen some crazy results. Because of restricted diet, you’re going to want to focus more on certain parts in the gym. I was finding that my modified big three program (Bench, Squat, and DL plus accessories every day) was getting really hard to do in the gym. Just motivation and energy running dry. The split is the perfect solution. Just as well, it allows you to focus more on each muscle group with separate exercises.

Focusing on stupid exercises will not get you anywhere, especially at this point in your training. Focus on the classic movements. Suffice it to say, nine different types of curls will not get you anywhere and I’ve never seen anyone get huge pecs by doing nothing but crazy-looking chest flyes every day. In the interest of your time, I’ll post my routine here for you, and you can take from it what you will.

All exercises to be done with the max weight for that amount of reps.

Chest/upper back day:

Overhead Press 3×6
Barbell Rows 3×8
Bench Press 2 sets warmup, 2×6, 1×8
Underhand bench press, 10, 8, 6
Wide grip pullups weighted, 8, 7, 6
Dips, 2×7
Kroc Rows 3×10
Hammer curls (cheating slightly) 8,7,6
Lateral raises 3×8
Heavy cheating shrugs 3×8
Hanging leg raises 10,8,6

Leg/lower back day

Deadlift 2 sets warmup, 3×5
Lowbar Back Squat 2 sets warmup 3×6
Calf raises (increased ROM) 3×8
Weighted Lunges 3×12 each side
Weighted Overhead Lunges 2×12 each side
Hanging Leg raises 10,8,6

Keep in mind, this is an advanced/intermediate program, and will probably leave you crippled with DOMS if you are new to lifting. My leg day still leaves me with crippling DOMS.

With the diet/training principles explained above, following them strictly you should see results in about a week, with noticeable gains in shreddedness about three weeks.

Feel free to post any questions you may have!

Paleo eating link:


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