Why Lift? (and why what motivates you… doesn’t matter)

Posted: 03/28/2012 in Motivation
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What motivates you to work out?

Anyone wanting to look better struggles with this. Everyone who works out. Why go to the gym today? “Let’s make it a rest day,” your logical brain reasons with you. But you don’t. You go to the gym and you lift the hell out of that iron, sprint on the treadmill, do… whatever ellipticals do. It doesn’t matter what motivates you. People who aren’t of strong will will argue, “You just lift for girls,” “You’re gonna end up muscle-bound, you know.” You don’t listen to them. Don’t even question them. Sure, you could be lifting for a girl or all of the girls, you could be on the elliptical trying to tone up your butt for the guy you see all the time, you could even be doing whatever you do in the gym in the hopes you’ll find someone to fight. What does matter is this: You Are There For You. If you weren’t there for you, you wouldn’t be there. You go to the gym and fight not only gravity, not only time, but you fight yourself. The voice inside you that says you had a hard day, that you’re too sad or had too much food today to get a good workout. You’re fighting yourself for yourself. You want what you want and that’s all that matters. That you have something driving you to pick yourself up from wherever you are and make what you’re given even better. So get out there today and work out. Hard. You know what you can do, now go further today.


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